As a transatlantic professional with experience in film, broadcast media and commercials, Sara Jewell has worked in all areas of production, from development and filming, to post-production and marketing. She has been involved with work for diverse clients from The Disney Channel to the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a producer, she’s adaptable, flexible and mindful of what each client’s specific needs. Fully immersing herself into the projects on which she works, Sara brings the talented and passionate together with a clear combined vision.

Sara has also successfully spearheaded social media marketing campaigns, increasing online presence, and generating buzz and an organic following. Her work has resulted in TV appearances, articles by top bloggers, and successful fundraising campaigns.

Her newest film, An Intimacy, played at the 2013 Cannes Short Film Corner to a great reception and is expected to do well in this year’s festival circuit as Sara and her director continue to work closely towards the feature film based on the same story.