In January 2014, Benjamin Ryan Nathan, director of Footage Films, had the privilege of being invited to sit down with Ephraim Minzer for an interview. Mr. Minzer is now 92 years old and lives in the Nachlaot section of Jerusalem. When first sitting down for this interview, Mr. Minzer told us he would only be able to speak for 15 minutes, because speaking causes him to get very tired. Two and a half hours later, he finished speaking about his experiences during World War II.

In 1939, when Mr. Minzer was 17 years old, his town in Poland was taken over by the Nazis. It was the beginning of his experience of the Holocaust. In this courageous interview, Mr. Minzer tells the story of his journey running from the Nazis, and eventually in a forced labor camp.

This excerpt from the interview has been posted on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) as a living testament to the courage of the few survivors left today, and as a prayer for the end of genocide and hatred everywhere.