This PSA was written, produced, and edited all within 15 days. With no initial promise of funding and no celebrity endorsements, Footage Films began work on this project and quickly gathered an unbelievable team of pro-bono crew and celebrities willing to lend their time and efforts to this powerful campaign. The video quickly went viral, and had over 2 million views in just a few days. It was featured on every major news outlet in the US and on many international news sites. The PSA was then cut to run as a 0:30 TV ad, with over 11 million impressions over the 3 days leading up to the electoral college vote of December 19, 2016. It features 18 celebrities, including Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, James Cromwell, and Blythe Danner (30 sec version only), and garnered the support of activists and celebrities such as Gloria Steinem, Mark Ruffalo, Jason Alexander, and many others.
Director & Producer: Benjamin Ryan Nathan
Writers: Benjamin Ryan Nathan, Mariel Sol, Rachel Ishofsky
Produced by Footage Films
Executive Producer: Johanna Shapiro
Directors of Photography: John Gebhart, Abraham Heisler, Robert Gregson
Edited by Eli Susser at People’s Television
Filmed at: Dakota Studio (NYC), Brave New Films (LA)