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The Art of Listening

24 DecThe Art of Listening

At this season, when many of us are getting together with our families, it feels like a great time to write about the Art of Listening, which many of us leave under-cultivated. It’s so easy to unwittingly shut down communication when we don’t listen, and the simple act of asking questions and opening up to curiosity can have a major impact on how we experience our relationships with family, friends, or colleagues. I…

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12 NovThe Power of Yes!

The summer between my junior and senior years of college, I had applied to work as Production Assistant on an independent film back home in NYC. It was my first film job, and though unpaid, I was very excited to learn and be part of the magic of moviemaking. In the midst of pre-production, just two days before we were to begin filming, the Producer quit! The Director looked around and said, “Who…

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22 OctHow I Invited Magic Into My Business

A little less than two years ago I had reached a particularly slow point in my business. It was nearing the holidays, and it was looking like things were going to stay slow at least until the New Year. I made the not-so-uncommon (and not-so-helpful) mistake of allowing this to affect my mood and self-esteem, and how I felt about the value of my work. I hadn’t been out on my own for…

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09 OctSocial Media, Unplugged

Often I get the urge to disconnect. To delete Facebook from my phone, to stop the “feed.” To shield myself from the news and to insulate my attention, focusing instead on positivity, on creation, on productivity and betterment. And yet, I don’t delete the app. I feel a need to stay “connected.” Connected to people, world events, “news.” It feels important to stay up-to-date, and I think that perhaps if I do, there…

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